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Traffic Barricades

MUTCD Approved, High-Quality barriers
Traffic Barricades for Highway Construction

A Complete Inventory of Highway and Traffic Barricades

Highway Signals is your one-stop source for all styles and sizes of traffic barricades. Barriers can be outfitted with reflective sheeting and purchased in a variety of highly-visible colors.

We carry a variety of traffic barricades manufactured in plastic, steel, or wood. The barriers are designed to meet most MUTCD standards and regulations.

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Type I & II Barriers

Type I Barricades with upper reflective sheeting and Type II Barricades with sheeting on both boards. Available in several color and material combinations.

Type III Barricades

Type III Barricdes are larger conventional traffic barriers. These barricades have three boards outfitted with reflective sheeting for maximum visibility.

A-Frame Barricades

A-Frame Barricade for Traffic Safety and Construction Sites

A-Frame Barricades or Saw Horse Barriers are wooden or plastic traffic barriers consisting of two A-shaped end pieces and one or two boards placed in-between.

MultiGate Portable Barrier

The Multi-Gate Expandable barrier is a lightweight, scissor-style barricade. Due to its portability, the Multi-Gate is the ideal portable expanding safety barricade.