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Automated Sand Bag Filling System

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This automated sandbag filling system is used to fill two (2) sandbags simultaneously. It requires two (2) people to fill sandbags and one (1) person to operate the front-end loader to keep the hopper full. The gravity fed model will fill 400-500 bags per hour depending on the material and manpower. The operator simply presses a foot pedal to activate the flow of sand into the bag and releases the foot pedal to stop the flow. This equipment is self-contained, lightweight, and transportable in a pickup truck bed. A ladder is provided to manually probe the material in the hopper when necessary. An optional towing package is available.100 white sandbag 14” x 26”, holds up to 40 lbs

Gravity fed 2-chute 2 filling stations, ladder included

*High moving item
**New and improved panel mounting clips.



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