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Our California Warehouse - Fully Stocked with Blockader Steel Barricades

Our California Warehouse – Fully Stocked with Blockader Steel Barricades

44Blockader® Steel Barricades for Traffic Flow and Crowd Control

For the past three decades, The Tamis® Corporation (parent company of Highway Signals) has provided Blockader® Steel Crowd Control Barriers throughout the country. Present at the past 10+ super bowls, 5 presidential inaugurations, and 4 Olympics; Blockader® steel barricades have become the standard in crowd control equipment. Discover the Blockader advantage today!

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Planning Your Crowd Control Event Guide


Classic Blockader Steel Barrier

Blockader Steel Crowd Control Barricades

Our original, heavy duty Classic Steel Barricade is manufactured from hot-dipped galvanized steel. This is our most durable, highest quality barricade.

Standard Blockader Steel Barrier

Standard Blockader Lightweight Barricade

The Blockader Standard Steel Barrier is a lightweight, economic alternative to the Classic Blockader. Available in the same lengths and hooking styles, the standard Blockader is ideal for crowd control on a budget.

Square Stacking Blockader Steel Barricades

Square Stacker Blockader Steel Barricade

The Blockader Square Stacking Steel Barrier is designed to be easily transported and stored. These innovative crowd control  barriers were crafted with temporary applications where barricades need to be setup and taken down quickly.

Powder Coated Blockader Steel Barriers

Blockader Powder Coated Painted Steel Barriers for Attractive Crowd Control Applciations

We powder coat our steel barriers in several stock color options for Blockader Painted Steel Barricades. Available in forest green, traffic safety yellow, charcoal black, more!

Custom Printed Covers for Blockader Barriers

Barrier Jackets for Blockader Steel Barriers with Custom Logo or Message Printing

Use your Blockader Steel Barricades for advertising or displaying messages with Custom Printed Barrier Jacket. Our printing department can produce covers to fit any brand steel barricade and can produce the ideal design for your event!

Storage Push and Pull Carts for Blockader Barriers

Steel Barrier Push Carts and Steel Barricade Pull Carts for Bike Rack Barricade Storage

Transport your Blockader Steel Barricades with ease with out Steel Barrier Push Carts and Steel Barricade Pull Carts. The Basic Push Cart holds 8 barricades and can be pushed by hand and the Large Pull Cart holds 28 barricades and can be pulled or lifted with a forklift.